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Kathy Griffin Is Facing Jail Time


Comedian and annual host of CNN’s New Years Special Kathy Griffin released a video in which she was holding bloody head that resembled President Donald Trump. Although she thought it was funny, the public condemned her for her move. After releasing the video, her agreement with CNN was terminated. Today, …

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Should Trump Save Social Security?

Screenshot_3 (1)

  Now it is only years from a major crisis.  If Trump and Congress do not act, benefits will be slashed. Thankfully a strong economy with low unemployment and high wages helps stabilize the program, but it is not enough. The trust fund shortfall can be fixed now, but only …

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BOOM! Trump’s Interior Dept REFUSES to Remove Confederate Monuments


According to a spokesman, Trump’s Interior Department refuses to remove monuments of Confederate soldiers at national battlefields that are “an important part of our country’s history.” Tearing down historical monuments based on liberal snowflakes’ “hurt feelings” is a slippery slope, and it’s good to see that Trump’s administration is taking …

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