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A Democrat Congresswoman Tries To Steal From American’s Children, Now Sentenced 357 Years In Prison!

Everyone that pays even the tiniest bit of attention to how the mainstream media discussed the Republicans and the Democrats can clearly notice that there is a difference in the coverage. Republicans seem to be receiving all the negative coverage, like they never did anything good in their lives.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ coverage is reported like they never did a bad thing in their lives, and as if everything they’re doing is awesome and amazing, and anyone that even thinks of oppressing them is completely wrong, racist, and a terrorist.

But if you’re a truth-seeker and a realist like us, you know that the Democrats are responsible for some of the worst ideas imaginable, yet the mainstream media chooses to turn a blind eye to it, despite there being some very “juicy” stories given a little attention to.

One example of this is a former Democratic representative from Florida, which is currently facing a heavy prison sentence and expensive fines as a result to the crimes she committed.

She stole money from a fund that was used to provide scholarships to needy schoolchildren, and she used the money for her own selfish needs. If she is convicted on all counts, she would face a prison sentence of up to 357 years and a $5 million fine.

As a larger part of the money remained in Brown and Simmons’ bank accounts, this is a huge blow to the Democrats, as Brown was one of the biggest names in the Democratic Party for a few years. She fund-raised and partied with Nancy Pelosi, went abroad Air Force One with President Obama, and even voted for Clinton as a super-delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

If you ask us, after all the effort mainstream media puts into making the Democrats appear squeaky clean and shiny, this just simply isn’t true.

Share this article and spread the word so everyone can know about the former Democratic Congresswoman that is now FACING 357 years in jail for STEALING money for a college fund and supplies for schoolchildren. Let‘s see how they’ll try and cover up this one shall we?

Source: http://www.usanewsflash.com/

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