Gun ownership in the U.S. is way up, and homicide rates are way down. You would not think that, based on the liberal media screaming for immediate disarmament, and the Democrat congress demanding gun confiscation. They insist they only want “common sense gun control,” but that is just code for confiscation. Look at places like Washington D.C., or liberal California where obtaining a gun is becoming more and more difficult.

John Lott was a Harvard professor of statistics who was adamantly anti-gun did some research, and low and behold, he also found that more guns meant less crime, so he wrote a book with the same name some years ago. The Left cannot refute the numbers, so they just ignore the statistical evidence. But it is out there, with sources like the FBI providing key numbers.

In 2014, the most recent year available, the FBI reported the U.S. homicide rate to be 4.5 deaths per 100,000 of population. In fact, homicide rates have fallen dramatically since about 1990, even as gun sales have been growing. One might argue that gun control laws have increased in that same period, thus gun control laws have helped to decrease the homicide numbers, even with the dramatic increase in gun ownership. However, by going back a few years to the 1950’s and 1960’s, it is seen that homicide rates were even lower at a time when gun control laws were virtually non-existent. Statistically speaking then, gun control laws cannot be shown to have any affect whatever on the homicide numbers.

If you ask most Americans today about the crime rate in the U.S. today, they will not be aware that the homicide rate is at a 50-year low.
As Pew has reported in recent years, the American public is “unaware” that the homicide rate in the United States has fallen by 49 percent over the past twenty years. And while Pew doesn’t report on it, it’s also a safe bet that the public is unaware that homicide rates have collapsed as total gun ownership in the United States has increased significantly.

Over a recent 20 year period, the number of new guns in the US that were either manufactured in the US or imported into the US increased 141 percent from 6.6 million new guns in 1994 to 16 million in 2013. That means a gross total of 132 million new guns were added into the US population over that time period.

Naturally, these facts are steadfastly ignored by people who can’t do basic arithmetic, like the constitutional law Professor David S. Cohen who wrote Monday at Rolling Stone that the second Amendment must be repealed because it is “a threat to liberty” and a “suicide pact.”

We have demonstrated that trends over time do not lend much help to the idea that the availability of guns have increased homicide rates. Nor is there any clear help for the gun control argument if we look at homicide rates on a state-by-state basis. Indeed, some states with the least restrictive gun laws, such as New Hampshire, Vermont, and Idaho, have some of the lowest homicide rates found anywhere in the world. And, even slightly more restrictive states like Minnesota and Colorado have very low homicide rates.


Gun control advocates like to point to Canada as a model for more restrictive gun laws, but what we find is that as states become more like Canada in terms of demographics and climate, they have more similar homicide rates. So, many states that border Canada have gun laws far more permissive than anything found in Canada — but have similar homicide rates.

We also fail to find support for gun-control claims along the southern border as well. Mexico has far more restrictive gun laws than the United States, and even when we take “informal” (i.e., illegal) gun ownership into account, there are still fewer private guns in Mexico than in the United States. And yet cities and counties that border Mexico tend to have much, much lower homicide rates. The city of El Paso Texas, for example, which is of course within the jurisdiction of Texas’s lax gun laws, has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world, at a mere 0.6 per 100,000 (as of 2012). El Paso has long been considered to be one of the safest cities in North America (and one of the most Hispanic cities, as well). Notably, El Paso is within easy walking distance of Chihuahua State in Mexico where homicide rates are among the worst in the world, and where gun laws are extremely restrictive.

The reality is that gun control advocates seem to all come from the same party or political ideology, which is big government and minimal individual rights and responsibilities. They want to feel safe by taking away individual rights and telling people what to do. But it is also the position of the elites, including Democrat lawmakers, who insist they need armed security and workplaces that have well armed police details, but they would rather that individuals are exempted from the right of self protection. It is laughable that they call themselves the party of the common people. They are anything but that.

As Dr. Lott said, more guns equals less crime. There will certainly be exceptions such as the Orlando shooter, but his was clearly a case of Islamic terrorism, so he very well might have used a pressure cooker if he did not have access to a gun. Liberals should stop making the gun the villain and recognize that it is the person holding the gun that must be blamed and dealt with. But that would not mesh with their political agenda, so expect the same calls for confiscation to continue, for that is what will drive Democrat voting efforts. It is what I would call a fact-free agenda.
Source: mises.org

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