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BOOM! New National Security Adviser Just Found a BRILLIANT Way To Stop Leaks! TRUMP IS THRILLED!

After the attack on General Flynn, and following his resignation, President Donald Trump had to find a good and ready leader who would be prepared for everything. So, President Trump offered NSA job to Vice Adm. Robert Harward. A GREAT REPLACEMENT, hm? Wait till you see this one!

Robert Harward is currently a defense contractor executive, retired Navy SEAL, and a former Deputy Commander of the United States Central Command. Harward is just like his commander General Mattis. You do not want to mess with him, IM SURE!

To prevent Obama’s people inside the government, and stop them leaking confidential information to the liberal media, Harward found a perfect way to keep his unit secure!

Harward is making a REALLY smart move, first off, he is doing a FULL housecleaning of Trump’s National Security Council’s staff. He is bringing in his own team and not trusting anyone else with sensitive material.

Obama’s leftovers are doing so much to destroy Trump. Too many leftists into our Government have made President Trump their next target.

But however, Harwars’s plan is the safest way to ensure that Donald Trump and Americans will remain safe.

This is about time! He should get Obama’s people out of there. They can’t be trusted. They would do anything to harm this country!

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