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Breaking: After Confirmation, President Trump Orders Gorsuch to Overturn Supreme Court’s 2015 Same-sex Marriage Decision

After Senate Successfully confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court, President Donald Trump has Advanced work on Overturning Supreme Court’s June 2015 decision to give same-sex couples the right to marry.
That Neil Gorsuch Opposed Same-Sex Marriage in hisin a 2004 Oxford University dissertation. Gorsuch was obtaining a Ph.D. at the time of his dissertation, which suggested that he did not believe the Constitution protected the right to same-sex marriage, according to Corey Brettschneider, a political science professor at Brown University who wrote about Gorsuch for Time.
In the piece, Brettschneider asserts that Gorsuch is critical of the doctrine set forth in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), which is the doctrine (sometimes referred to as the right to privacy or autonomy) that recognizes couples have the right to make choices in intimate matters relating to contraception, procreation, child-rearing, and marriage. It appears from the dissertation that Gorsuch leaned heavily on the ideas of his then-adviser John Finnis, a law professor at Oxford and Notre Dame who is a known critic of the court’s decision to allow couples to make choices in intimate matters. Instead, Finnis, an adherent of what he calls “natural law,” believes that same-sex marriage and abortion should be prohibited, according to Time.
Just a Few weeks ago an executive order leaked to the media last week revealed plans to use the Oval Office to legalize broad discrimination against the LGBT community in the name of religion. A draft of the order, first published in The Nation, would allow “any organization, including closely held for-profit corporations” to refuse services to LGBT people, whether in housing, employment, education or healthcare. In the media uproar that followed, Donald Trump said that he would not sign the order at this time.
But the president did not rule out doing so in the future. After Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, President Trump seems to have perfect conditions for finalizing the work he has promised to his supporters!

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