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BREAKING: Gunmen Shoot 24, 2 Dead So Far – Waiting On Trump To Address The Nation

Labor Day weekend starts off with a bang as gunmen shoot 24 people, killing at least two in Chicago. This brings Chicago’s gun related fatality number up to 439 for the year and there’s still about three months left. If any lives matter in Chicago, then they sure have a funny way of showing it. If Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel ever wants to take control of his city, then I’m sure the residents would greatly appreciate that.

According to these staggering crime statistics in Chicago, there’s already been 439 gun related murders, 2,564 total shootings, and 476 total homicides. If there’s a city in America that needs to read a book about how “ALL LIVES MATTER” then it’s definitely Chicago. Statistics are showing at least one person is shot every 2:18 hours, and one person is murdered every 12:21 hours. These stats are likely to change based upon when readers view the numbers, but those are the statistics at the time of this article being published.

Mayor Rahm’s Chicago, which has lots of anti-gun laws in place, is completely out of control. President Trump needs to address the outrageous amounts of gun violence, disavow Mayor Rahm and his unsuccessful run as mayor, and send the National Guard or other military forces to get the criminals off the street and turn the city around. If Chicago keeps up at this rate, then there may not be much of the city left after criminals run rampant and shoot everyone. It’s not only gun related murders that trifle the city. Not too long ago there was a person kidnapped and tortured by four other people and it was posted on Facebook live. The amount of crime and the level of heinous is overtaking the Windy City and Trump needs to address it.

Perhaps when Trump is done with his second trip to Texas, helping hurricane Harvey victims, then he can address Chicago and help the good residents reclaim their once nice city.

One thing that we’ve noticed is a number of cities that are stricken with high levels of crime and poverty are always controlled by Democrats. There’s a really good reason that poor urban America should stop voting for Democrats, which is the fact that Democrats who run cities keep their poverty level people impoverished so they always have voters. Here’s a list of poor cities ran by Democrat mayors and there’s one specific trend they all have in common. Every city on the list has a Democrat mayor and they’re historically impoverished. How come Democrat mayors can’t, don’t, or won’t pull their residents OUT of poverty? The answer is quite simple – if there are no poor people, then who will vote for Democrats? The Democrats keep their urban residents impoverished and then blast them with promises of gaining a better life to solicit votes, get voted in, and then forget about the poor people until the next election.

Watching Chicago accrue over 400 murders in nine months should be a horrifying statistic to everyone in America. There’s so much analysis to be done on who, what, why, and where these crimes happen that it could take months or years before someone creates a working solution that reduces the insane number of homicides.

Of course, if everyone valued human life and all lives truly mattered, then people in Chicago would stop shooting and killing each other. But let’s examine why people shoot each other so much in Chicago. Are people robbing each other because they have no money? Do they have no money because there are no jobs? Do they have no job because they have no education? Do they have no education because their parents failed them and they dropped out of middle or high school? The simple answer is that it all comes back to the household. If parents valued education, then their kids would graduate high school and move onto trade school, a job, or college. But years and years of parents and families having no value in education means they continuously create families who fail. There’s no one else to blame but the parents and the kids. The responsibility lies on the people themselves.

What if people are educated but there are simply no jobs? Then smart people figure it out. They create jobs, they find jobs in other locations, they do what any responsible adult would do. What if the schools are bad? If the schools are bad then it’s because of the students who ruin it. Schools, where students stay in class and actively learn, will always outperform schools where students consistently drop out, fail, and don’t do homework because no one at home cares about it either.

Chicago needs the kids who are in school now to look out the window of reality and realize that their life will be one of violence if they don’t hit the books and make a living for themselves the right way.

Students who excel, regardless of the surroundings, will do very well in their life and hopefully afford the cost of moving out of Chicago.

Getting rid of the Democrat mayor will help because Democrat mayors keep the poor people down.

It’s only a matter of time before Trump steps in and forces a military presence in Chicago to curb the crime. In the meantime, Chicago residents need to reevaluate their life, stay in school, and start valuing each other as humans.

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