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BREAKING: House Votes To Ban Sharia Law For Good

According to reports, a bill designed to block “the application of foreign law” in state courts advanced in the Montano House of Representatives earlier this week. The vote for Senate Bill 97 was mostly along party lines.

While most Republicans believe the measure was simply upholding the Constitutions of both the state of Montana and the United States, Democrats argued that it unfairly targets Muslims. After a heated debate, the legislation advanced in the House largely along party lines with a 56-44 vote.

The bill, introduced by Keith Regier, doesn’t specifically mention Sharia law though it was the only kind of foreign law mentioned during testimony in the judiciary committees. It’s no wonder that Sharia is top of mind. Its implementation varies throughout the world, but places like Saudi Arabia adhere to strict punishments like stoning. In other countries, it is most commonly used in personal matters like marriage and divorce.

It’s interesting that Republicans are fighting to protect our Constitution, while Democrats are working hard to weaken it. It’s important to note that upholding Constitutional law does not result in discrimination of other religions.

What do you think? Do you agree with the measure?

Source: americannews.com

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