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BREAKING: Leaked Emails Show Hillary Clinton Admitting Guilt About Benghazi

Hillary Clinton has recently made a statement denying any kind of involvement in Benghazi. She claimed that the incident that took the lives of 4 soldiers was not her fault. Instead she blamed it on a video. Although she’s publicly denying the involvement, leaked transcripts from a “closed door” speech at Cisco, tells the exact opposite of her story…

VIA Conservative 101

“My biggest regret is the loss of our four Americans in Benghazi with the attack on our mission, our post there. It wasn’t a consulate. That I knew the ambassador. I had sent him,” said Hillary.

“I had sent (Ambassador Chris Stevens) there. I had picked him as someone during the Libyan revolution to actually go to Benghazi, because he understood Libya, he spoke great Arabic and French,” said Hillary.

Check out the transcript below.

Then she made up the story about the video causing it! And called the mothers liars later. What difference at this point does it make? How can people want to vote for her?

Another day, another scandal for Hillary. What do you think about this? Comment down below.



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