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BREAKING: Man With Possible Evidence Against Hillary Found Shot 27 Times

A member of the Democratic National Committee was shot and killed just days after he posted on Facebook to end the violence. Seth Rich, only 27 years old, was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital after police heard the gunfire and called for help. Rich’s murder might be connected to a number of robberies that have been occurring in that neighborhood. Unfortunately there were no suspects and police can’t find a motive.

Rich posted on Facebook Friday asking people to end the violence. “I reiterate back to people stop hating each other. Too much pain to process. We have to be better and defend each other more true. A life is exponentially valuable. I have family and friends on both sides of the law. Please, stop killing each other.” Before he was shot, there were reports that there was a robbery that took place where the suspects had guns and were using them to beat three people.

Hillary Clinton offered a statement on Tuesday morning. “Just this past Sunday, a young man, Seth Rich — who worked for the Democratic National Committee, to expand voting rights — was shot and killed in his neighborhood in Washington. He was just 27 years old,” she said. “Surely we can agree that weapons of war have no place on the streets of America.”

Rich worked for the Nebraska Democratic Party before moving to DC, and on their Twitter page, they payed respect to him, while talking about the issue of gun violence. The Democrats have already used this case as an example to limit guns. Yes it is sad that an innocent life was taken, but keep in mind that there was an armed robbery about an hour before the attack that claimed Rich’s life.

Yes gun violence is a topic that needs to be discussed, but the solution isn’t going to be harsher restrictions for civilians to obtain guns. Restricting the ability to get guns is only going to make tragedies like what happened to Rich even more apparent. If civilians can’t arm themselves against potential robbers, then it gives the criminals that much more power to work with. Right now the best thing to do is to mourn for the death of a young man. Once more details come out about this tragedy, then we can begin the discussion on gun violence. But because police don’t have a suspect or a motive, it’s impossible to assume anything. Taking guns out of the hands of American citizens would be a drastic move by the Democrats.



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