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BREAKING NEWS: White House CANCELS all Obama Appearances at Hillary Campaign Events

The announcement of the FBI that they are reopening the investigation on Hillary Clinton sent massive shockwaves across the political spectrum.

The fact that, they made SUCH an announcement to an active candidate for president is extraordinary itself. Generally the FBI does not publicly reveal that someone is under investigation.

VIA Red Flag News

Adding to the drama was that the FBI Director did NOT coordinate the announcement with the White House or with the Department of Justice (DOJ) – which could be an effort by the Bureau to regain its lost reputation for Integrity. Keeping the White house and Justice Department out of the loop means they could not interfere prior to the announcement, and now that the announcement has been made publicly, neither the White House nor the DOJ can prevent the public from knowing something big is taking place.


And “big” might be an understatement. Late Friday night, the White House very quietly CANCELED all of Barack Obama’s scheduled campaign appearances on behalf of Hillary Clinton! The scheduled events, confirmed for months, were all quietly DELETED. See the Before and After images below:

Obama start to feel the END is getting closer than expected. The information that the FBI has found must be really devastating for Clinton.

Source: www.redflagnews.com

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