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BREAKING: Obama Appointees At The Pentagon Do The Unthinkable To Gen Mattis – Trump Is Furious!

Sure, we’re all fully aware that politics can get quite dirty and messy most of the time, but there is a line that even politicians shouldn’t dare to cross, and that line is putting the lives of our military at stake.

It has recently been discovered that Obama’s appointees in the Pentagon are preventing General Mattis from giving our military women and men, the help and re-organization they desperately need to fight in combat and stay alive.

“Holdovers from the Obama administration in the Pentagonne are hampering efforts to fix the military’s major readiness problem, leaving Secretary of Defense James Mattis alone in his efforts to properly equip U.S. forces, according to the chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services.”

Seems like these people have no shame at all, as they’re preventing our Secretary of Defense with years of combat experience from doing his job, and not only that, but they’re putting ALL American lives in danger.

The readiness of our military is vital as it declines in our ability to be on guard, signaling to other enemy countries that the U.S. isn’t prepared to defend itself properly, giving hostile nations a chance to lash out against America.

Mac Thornberry, the Chairman of the House committee of Armed services said that Gen. Mattis cannot do this alone, and the U.S. has a moral obligation to support the troops.

“I think it is wrong, immoral to ask men and women to go carry out a military mission for which they are not fully equipped, and fully trained, and fully supported,” said Thornberry.

“ And whether that is a counter-terrorism operation or a freedom of navigation operation in the south China sea, or whatever; if you ask somebody to go out there and risk their lives, you darn well better give them the best and fully support them.”

President Donald Trump puts the well-being of our Military service members on top priority, and these Democrats are acting childish and blocking his cabinet picks is one thing, but putting all American lives in jeopardy is a whole different crossed line.

They should be thrown in jail for doing such things, and in most other country, they would’ve been by now.

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