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BREAKING – Obama HUMILIATED When Trump Asks THIS 1 Simple Question

One of the perks of being a second term president of the United States is that you don’t have any more campaigns to run. It’s like retiring as the heavyweight champion of the world. There are no more fights to fight.

One would think that would leave a still active president to actually get some work done without the distraction of politics and the campaign trail looming overhead. But Barack Obama – who no one will ever call a “lame duck president” – took to the campaign trail on behalf of the ailing and bedridden Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, on his website, asked this question, “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

It’s a valid question. With so much wrong with our country – from financial maladies to the racial divide to threats from abroad – Barack Obama would better spend his time doing presidential duties. But Obama is president only in station. He is, first and foremost, a political animal.

In his waning days in office, Obama seems to seek out opportunities to escape his presidential duties. Whether it’s elongated vacations, inconsequential global summits, or political events, Obama leaves the serious work of the country behind to do what he likes and not what he is tasked to do.

“President Obama would rather campaign for Hillary Clinton than solve major problems facing the country,” the Trump team said in a published statement. And as Obama flew to Philadelphia for a Clinton rally and fundraiser, where approximately 35 attendees wrote checks in the amount of $33,400 and co-chairs wrote checks for $100,000, the Trump team was auditing the work Obama is failing to do.

Chief among the problems facing our country is Mr. Obama’s signature legacy item: Obamacare. Trump chronicled how, since its inception, Obamacare has experience dramatic and never-ending premium hikes, some by double and triple digits. His team also highlighted the fact that more and more providers are dropping out of the all critical exchanges in a march toward the realization of a single-payer system.

Trump’s team also spotlighted the growing aggression by the Iranians against US military craft in the Persian Gulf region. This week alone the Iranians openly threatened to shoot down two US Navy aircraft flying over international waters. This follows weeks of close encounters by Iranian navy vessels aggressively approaching US warships in the Strait of Hormuz.

They also addressed the recent successful fifth nuclear test by North Korea. This test of what North Korean media called a ballistic missile mountable warhead was of a system that Kim Jong Un’s government says can reach the United States’s west coast.

Then, there is the floundering economy. Far from the glorious recovery that Obama and his progressive propagandists claim has taken place, the economic growth in the United States was – once again – revised downward, revealing an anemic 1.1 percent gross domestic product uptick for the second quarter of 2016. This indicates a stagnant economy that cannot produce any meaningful gains in the unemployment rate and the labor participation rate.

And, associated with the above, the Trump team points out the horrendous, middle class killing unemployment numbers. Throughout his tenure, Barack Obama’s policies have decimated the jobs markets and crushed the middle class, even as they have taxed the middle and working classes with more demands.

So, Trump and his team have a very valid question that Obama and the DNC are ignoring—largely because they know the answer. Mr. Obama isn’t doing his job because his handlers are too busy in the political campaigns underway to craft his message and direct his actions.

Obama’s entire presidency has been a smoke and mirrors sham of presidency by committee. He doesn’t know how to be president. He is just a teleprompter-reading figurehead who did whatever Valerie Jarrett told him to do. He’s a political mouthpiece, so he is doing the only thing he knows how to do…run his mouth.
source: http://www.usarealnews.com/

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