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BREAKING! President Trump Just Called Out Chuck Todd and Obama

The situation is heating up more rapidly than ever, and we deeply feel with President Trump’s impatience towards the media. This afternoon, President Trump took it to twitter to call out Chuck Todd as well as NBC News about focusing so much on the fake Trump/Russia connection propaganda, instead of focusing on the real facts, which is the Obama surveillance scandal.

We fully understand where President Trump’s anger and impatience is coming from, as we have been witnessing the fake news media outlets feeding people fake stories in order to keep them distracted and away from the truth, the facts, and what really matters, for quite some time now.

This is the reason behind the crowded anti-Trump protests, this is the reason behind the international “hate” people have for Trump, because a large number of fake news media outlets are focusing solely on spreading fake news against President Trump, taking everything he does and shining a bad light upon it.

But when you take the facts, the jobs, the opportunities, the benefits and everything good President Trump has done in his short time in office, you really stop and think about how these fake sources feed lies to the people.

If you ask us, it is not going to be long until more people start calling out the fake news media outlets, Obama, and his puppets like Chuck Todd, as the truth will get out sooner or later.

Source: usanewsflash.com

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