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BREAKING! US Spy Admits MASSIVE Conspiracy Against Trump, Then Issues SICK Threat

If we haven’t been sure whether there was an effort within our government to take out President Trump, we’re now definitely sure. The threats flying around are becoming more serious and we need to take them as serious as we can, before something really unfortunate happens.

There was a tweet posted this morning from a reliable source, which threatens the life of President Trump, who apparently “will die in jail…”

As we’ve mentioned before, the majority of people in the intelligence community of America are huge Obama supporters and believers, and this isn’t just another extreme conspiracy theory as anyone looking at the past eight years with a gram of intelligence can clearly see through the scheme.

And what threw even more sparks to this theory was when General Flynn was forced to retire. Some of the orders leading to his retirement could have been given only by Obama, to spy on Flynn, and with this, the intelligence agents have confirmed that they don’t really serve Us the People, but rather only one man – Obama, who many people strongly believe to be running a shadow government to overtake the presidency.

President Donald Trump has been clear with his adamant that he wants peace and cooperation with Russia to take down ISIS, but this doesn’t sound well to the warmongers of the left, as peace with Russia puts them all in danger.

So instead, they’re creating scandals where they are creating a hostile environment with Russia in bitter hopes of starting a conflict which they plan on blaming Trump for.

And when you think about it, they’re doing all of this for just one simple reason – because he is doing what he said he’ll be doing during his campaign, and asserting his power as the commander-in-chief.

And now, that Trump’s direction and perspective isn’t serving their “cause”, they want to take him out, and in the process, they’re showing everyone that they will stop at nothing to achieve that.

If you ask us, the left can scream conspiracy theories as long as they want, but this real threat is something that every true patriot and Trump supporter has to take seriously. Share this article and spread the word if you’re a REAL patriot that doesn’t want the future of our President and our country to be at risk.

SOurce: http://www.usanewsflash.com/

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