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Look What Happened To Al Sharpton Today


These unpleasant leftists are constantly claiming to be feminist and pro-women, but when confronted with strong women who do not conform to their progressive stereotypes, they seem to bristle. One great example of a powerful and intelligent woman is the daughter of our President, Ivanka Trump. She is a graduate …

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Ivanka Trump Is Planning Something Unexpected


New reports have come in and apparently, Ivanka Trump is planning to take a trip to Germany in order to attend a summit on economic empowerment of women. According to reports from APNews, the First Daughter was invited by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent White House visit, the official …

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BREAKING: House Votes To Ban Sharia Law For Good


According to reports, a bill designed to block “the application of foreign law” in state courts advanced in the Montano House of Representatives earlier this week. The vote for Senate Bill 97 was mostly along party lines. While most Republicans believe the measure was simply upholding the Constitutions of both …

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