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Chelsea Compares Confederate Statues to Lucifer, INSTANTLY Backfires!

Ever since Chelsea Clinton decided to become a social justice “keyboard warrior” on Twitter, she’s been making loads of foolish comments.

Her latest gaffe is comparing historic confederate statues to statues of “Lucifer.”

Ok, so everyone in the South, prior to the American Civil War was Satanic?

By Federal law, Confederate soldiers are considered American veterans, and they deserve the same respect others get.

Calling them traitors is not only wrong and disgusting, it’s an affront to everything America stands for: they are part of our history, they were Americans who fought, and they deserve to be honored, not compared to SATAN.

The fact that so many are ignorant to history, and have no comprehension of anything ABOUT the Civil War, is saddening.

Chelsea Clinton really needs to learn to just stay off Twitter, because it NEVER goes well for her.

From TheBlaze

Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, decided to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the re-emergence of Confederate statues as a political debate and compared those remembered in the statues to “Lucifer.”

She posted the message on her social media account Thursday. “The story of Lucifer—who rebelled against God—is part of many Christians’ traditions,” she said. “I’ve never been in a church with a Lucifer statue.”

Many on Twitter were NOT impressed with the comparison.

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