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Christian church roof vandalized – ‘does not feel good’

It is far from a picture of the Holy Spirit you see when you gaze up at one of the roof windows of the Högalids church in Stockholm.

Directly above the baptismal font inside the church, someone has drawn a big penis on the glass roof, the local newspaper StockholmDirect can reveal, after examining the church’s glass windows themselves. This after a picture of the vandalism was posted on Instagram.

Church staff had not seen the graffiti before, and at the parish office they where somewhat shocked at what has appeared on the glass high above ground inside the church.

– A penis. Very odd. I have completely missed it, says the church guard.

The penis doodle is a mystery even for Reverend Christina Engqvist.

– This comes as a total surprise. Very strange. To be able to get up there you have to have the key and climb ladders. This feels very uneasy, she says.

During the last year, the church has had problems with graffiti on the church wall along the street, and early autumn there were some youth gangs that hung around in the area and were unpleasant.

– They climbed up on another roof, and made some concern. But we of the church, police, school staff and the young people’s parents, together took hold of this and the problems stopped. Therefore, this does not feel good at all, says Christina Engqvist.

Church ushers will take a closer look at the glass graffiti to try to figure out how it got there.

– This does not feel good at all. The church should be treated with respect, as a holy place, and be a haven for all who live here in the Högalid area, says Christina Engqvist.

In addition to the penis, there seems to be a Jewish star sprayed on the glass as well, along with some text that cant’t be read due to the angle.

Source: speisa.com

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