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Dear Democrats: Yes, You Really Do Hate America…

Dear anti-American, pro-globalist Democrats…

Let’s cut the crap.

You hate America. That’s why you voted for Obama in ’08. You wanted change. And change America he did. Feel good about yourselves? Now we have government-mandated special treatment for men who throw on dresses, and sympathize with pedophiles. For an extra dose of intolerance, we don’t mention Christianity in schools anymore. Because triggers.

Despite your cacophonous chants, there are some of us who still love this country, who still take pride in what America stands for. Or stood for. Clearly, you aren’t counted among that group. A group who whines at every opportunity, making crybaby faces while crapping all over this country? That group you are a member of. Gold star level.

It’s you, leftists, who have a seething enmity for all things American. You want to erase our sovereignty, our national pride. Just take a look at all the homepages of major leftist websites on the 4th of July. HuffPo, Salon, Slate – there was nary a flag or patriotic article to be seen. Instead those digital rags were consumed with Trump drama, or a new accusation of racism. Sexism. Homophobia. Xenophobia. All meaningless phrases used as tools to destroy the character of anyone with whom you disagree. In this case, most of America.

Steep accusation, right? Wrong. You’re fooling no one. You make your hateful stance glaringly obvious via the things you say, the policies you support, and the actions you take.

Case in point, just a few days ago I attended the local parade. Out trotted the municipal Democrat chapter. Rainbow flags? Check. Hillary signs? Check. American flags? No.

The Republican float followed. Not a Trump sign in sight – just big old American flags. It was clear one was the party of patriotism, the other a party of pity. One float inspired pride, the other made me throw up a little.

Speaking of flags, it’s you who burn American flags as a way to cope with your puerile temper tantrums. You even teach your kids to burn the flag (see Idiot Parents Teach Kids to Burn American Flags at #McKinney Protest). Which is par for the course, isn’t it? Exploiting and manipulating children is served daily (here’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 examples)… Yet you accuse traditional Americans of indoctrinating their children. Projection much? You don’t even want kids to recite the Pledge of Allegiance anymore, saying national pride is the equivalent of Nazi level nationalism. Because triggers.

So it’s no wonder a hashtag like #AmericaWasNeverGreat surfaced and garnered enthusiasm from sheep young people. Take a gander at the top tweets bearing it proudly. Virtually 100% whiny leftists (redundant). Even today’s Trumpian-Republicans – with their many gripes of a rigged system and 8 years of “tyranny” – still respect and honor the USA. Gladly. Proudly.

But you? Nay. Any time you leftists are given the opportunity to display love for your country, you pivot. You shy away from patriotism like Lena Dunham shies away from showers. Why? Patriotism offends the Democrat voting constituency. Some examples:

Hillary Clinton. She can’t court Black Lives Matter, who argue America was founded on nothing but slavery and greed, then subsequently honor the flag and what it represents.

Elizabeth Warren can’t bitch about Native American genocide (and falsely claim the moniker herself) then turn around and praise the country that carried it out.

Bernie Sanders cannot truly celebrate American independence when he’d have prefer the United States never became the United States, longing to have hashed it out with Great Britain instead. After all, Europe has it all figured out. Democratic socialism, remember?

How we regard America is one of the defining differences between the American left and right. Both acknowledge political and socio-economic problems, both offer “solutions.” Except usually different problems and different solutions (i.e.; gun control vs terrorism).

That’s why we, the people who honor America (a glowing beacon of freedom and independence), take issue with you leftists. We want to preserve that which made America the greatest country in the world.

Meanwhile you? You’d rather destroy America and all it stands for, all for the sake of the empty shell of an idea you call “progress.” An idea which will lead us back into bondage.

But hey, at least they’re won’t be annoying flag waving, right?

Source: http://louderwithcrowder.com/dear-democrats-yes-you-really-do-hate-america/

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