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Dems Make Bold Move to Destroy MORE Confederate Statues

The left is continuing their push to erase all Confederate monuments.

Just like ISIS, liberals are running from town to town, tearing down our Confederate statues, in the name of progressiveness and political correctness.

It’s one of the most disgusting and disturbing things I have witnessed from the left.

Confederate statues today…

What will it be tomorrow?

Books, movies, classic music?

Where does the left-wing purge of all “offensive” culture end?

From Breitbart

Democratic leaders and activists — including the CAIR Islamic group — are expanding their 2017 culture war against Confederate historical statues and landmarks, boosting concerns that progressive ‘Antifa’ groups and white-power fascists may again collide during mismanaged public demonstrations.

Donna Brazile, who has twice worked as the temporary chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, tweeted an article on Monday calling for the removal of eight Confederate statues now displayed in Congress.

The linked Atlantic article urged state legislators to replace the statues:

Even without the historical circumstances of the Capitol Hill statues’ arrival, there is virtually no justification for their continued presence. Nor can it be said there aren’t better native sons and daughters to honor.

Virginia could replace [General Robert E.] Lee with John Marshall, the legendary chief justice and father of the American rule of law, or Tuskegee Institute founder Booker T. Washington. If it needs a Civil War hero, why not George Henry Thomas?

Alabama could select author Harper Lee or jazz legend Nat King Cole. Georgia could replace [Confederate Vice President Alexander] Stephens with Casimir Pulaski, a Polish Revolutionary War hero who died in the battle of Savannah, or a full statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., who already has a bust elsewhere in the Capitol.

The article linked to a July article in the Atlantic noting Gen. Lee ‘s support for racial subordination before and even after the Civil War.

On Monday, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh announced she would revive plans to move four Confederate-related statues from the city to confederate cemeteries away from their current locations.

A Saturday statement by Mayor Jim Gray of Lexington, Kentucky, said he will try to persuade the city council to tear down two Confederate-themed statues, one of the failed cavalry general John Hunt Morgan and the other of John C. Breckinridge, who was both a general and a U.S. Senator.

“We have thoroughly examined this issue, and heard from many of our citizens,” Gray said. “The tragic events in Charlottesville today have accelerated the announcement I intended to make next week.” The two statues would be moved to a nearby park.

The major of New Orleans has already ordered the removal of several Confederate-themed statues from downtown.


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