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DEVELOPING: NRA Makes Massive Move Against Hillary… Spread This Everywhere

There is no question that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton holds a rather dim view of the Second Amendment and the gun rights it guarantees for American citizens, and she has made imposing stricter gun control laws a centerpiece of her presidential campaign.

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Whether it be through a re-imposition of the expired federal “assault weapons ban,” so-called “universal background checks” (read: restricted sales and national registry), an Australian-style gun ban with confiscation, or her promise to appoint Supreme Court Justices who would overturn the landmark D.C. v Heller decision, it has been quite clear that Hillary Clinton poses a very real threat to the right to keep and bear arms.
If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the ad here

But the National Rifle Association has been fighting back against Clinton in a bid to keep her out of the White House and preserve the gun rights enjoyed by our citizens, utilizing a hard-hitting series of ads to make its case, according to The Hill.

“The Second Amendment is on the ballot this November and the individual right to own a firearm of your choosing for self-protection is at stake,” declared NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker in a statement Wednesday.

“If Clinton is elected, she will surely nominate judges hostile to the Second Amendment,” Baker continued. “This election is not about the next four years when it comes to gun rights — it’s about the next 40 years.”

To drive home their point that even the sacrosanct ideal of a person’s natural right to defend themselves was at risk, one of the first ads in the series featured a young woman named Kimberly Corban who was assaulted and raped at gunpoint in 2006.

“The thought of owning a handgun terrified me, until one morning a stranger broke into my apartment and raped me,” Corban said in the ad. “He had evil in his eyes, and I was helpless. My fear of firearms disappeared when I got my second chance at life.”

“Self-defense is your right,” she added. “Don’t let it be taken away.”

The ad, and others like it, are scheduled to run on cable channels nationwide, with extra emphasis on the battleground states that typically prove so important in the general election.

Democrats seem to think that gun control is still a winning issue for them, despite plenty of proof likeskyrocketing gun sales and concealed carry permit applications to the contrary, liberally biased and misleading polls cited by the media notwithstanding.

Hillary Clinton has doubled and tripled down on her strict gun control stance as a winning strategy, but she will likely find that there are more than enough Americans who refuse to be defenseless sheep left to the mercy of the wolves to keep her out of the White House and her hands off of our guns.

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