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Entitled Immigrants Protesting Trump Just Got NASTY Surprise When They Showed Up To Work Today!

There isn’t anything more sweet than seeing an idiot’s plan backfiring in their face.

Yesterday, immigrants all over the country attempted to “teach Donald Trump a lesson”, by not showing up to work, in “A Day Without Immigrants” protest.

The protest had a goal to show all of America “how much immigrants contribute to the country’s economy”, following President Trump’s tough stances on immigration set throughout his campaign. Unfortunately, the idiots who did not show up to work yesterday were met with a nasty surprise when they showed up back to work at their workplace the following day.

Although it was reported that some business owners accepted the whole anti-Trump protests, there were other employers that weren’t exactly thrilled with their employees taking it in their own hands not to show up to work just to prove a pointless point. You can see the stunned expressions on the faces of employees as they read the note left on the company door by their employer.

If you ask us this whole situation is just plain hilarious. But what is even funnier is how these people can’t understand and comprehend what President Trump’s immigration policies are all about.

They’re not about a personal or bigoted vendetta against immigrants, but the liberal media would do everything to make people believe it is just because of that. In fact, President Trump just wants people who come to our country to come LEGALLY.

We’re not sure why these liberal protesters can’t understand the whole concept of legal immigration, but the sooner we help them understand it, the better for all of America.


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