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Former President Obama: The Country Owes Me A Debt Of Gratitude for “THESE” Accomplishments…

Prior to Obama, President Jimmy Carter held the title of ‘worst president ever’ to serve our nation. Of course, after 8 years in office, there’s no question Obama ‘hands down’ has more than achieved that award. In fact, so much so, many Americans now think of Obama as the ‘worst president ever’.

Even President Trump said Obama will go down as “perhaps the ‘worst president ever’ in the history of the United States!”

Trump should know. Afterall, he’s the one who’s left cleaning up all the messes and disasters that Obama left. Lord knows that’s going to take some time.

Besides Obamacare, Obama’s messes also include the millions of illegal immigrants that flooded our nation because he ignored our immigration laws and our Constitution. Add to that the millions of dollars he approved and spent on sanctuary cities which supported illegals with our hard earned tax dollars.
President Obama does not see it that way and in fact immediately began drawing a distinction between his “leadership” and President Donald Trump – even before our current President took office. This flies in the face of the time-honored tradition of not criticizing the incoming president – especially on foreign soil.

He believes America owes him a great debt… Yes, the the largest national debt ever. Even though Obama promised to reduce our debt, he did the exact opposite. Obama added more national debt than ALL the previous presidents combined:

Add to that, Obama left our military as one of the weakest and most depleted in history. By doing so, he put our national security at risk. He even forced out many of those in the military at top positions, because they didn’t agree with his narrative which was we were ‘winning the war’. You might say, because of Obama’s stupidity and foolishness for pulling out of Iraq, he helped create the vacuum that led to the creation of ISIS or what he called ‘the JV team’. Just think where we’d be if he hadn’t done that!

Yet Barack Obama just this month on foreign soil – for the meager price of $400,000 – said America now lacks the leadership he gave America and that we will soon yearn for that steady hand that once gave us such a great advantage in the world.

source:usa politics today

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