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GAME CHANGER! Trump Just Showed Congress the SECRET WEAPON No One Knew he Had

Back when ObamaCare was first being debated in Congress, the sneaky lawmakers did something so twisted to the American people that it is almost unbelievable. They made a side-bill for their OWN health care that was exempt from ObamaCare while shoving it down the American people’s throats how great ObamaCare was.

This went unnoticed by many Americans who only have access to mainstream media outlets who are in cahoots with the deep state so it was not heavily reported on.

This week that secret is coming back to light in an explosive new way after President Trump tweeted

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!”

Daniel Horowitz at conservativereview.com wrote “It’s also troubling that the Trump administration used executive powers to bail out insurers but will not use his lawful executive power to end Obama’s order exempting members of Congress from paying the full Obamacare freight.”

It’s so ridiculous that these lawmakers can force the American public to abide by rules that they, themselves do not have to live by. This is a growing movement that started in mid-July to revoke the health care exemption enjoyed by members of Congress as a way to force them to fix the ObamaCare mess that has been created.

Do you think Trump should follow through on his promise so that Congress will be forced to see how bad ObamaCare is for regular people? Comment below!


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