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Here’s a Letter Addressed Donald Trump About The Monster Vote From Last Year

Remember the monster vote? These people are awake this election and they’re all going to Donald Trump.

The AP reported:

Republicans have gained ground on Democrats in registering voters in three battleground states and kept their razor-thin advantage in Iowa — encouraging news for Donald Trump eight weeks before Election Day.

Republicans added hundreds of thousands of voters to the rolls since 2012 in states including Florida and Arizona, and narrowed the gap in North Carolina, according to data compiled by The Associated Press.

In Iowa, Republicans prevented Democrats from surpassing them, aided by a court ruling upholding a ban on voting by ex-felons, who often register as Democrats.

As Election Day approaches, voter registration drives are in full swing.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is staging registration rallies and appealing in particular to non-whites and young people, who are more likely to vote early — if they vote at all. Trump is relying mostly on a base of white voters, urging supporters to be vigilant for voter fraud and “rigging.”

“The Clinton campaign cannot come close to our output,” said Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee’s chief strategist, in a campaign memorandum Monday.

The latest registration numbers aren’t an assurance of new voters for Trump. Some changes reflect those who have died and been removed from the list, while others are inactive, not having voted in recent elections. In Florida, newly registered Hispanics are turning against the Republican nominee, stung by his anti-immigrant rhetoric. And Democrats historically have done well in signing up new voters in the final stretch.

But the figures, when available, offer important clues as to how each party stands.

Here’s a letter addressed Donald Trump about the monster vote from last year predicting the rise of the monster vote:

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am writing you today because I, like most citizens of this nation, am sick and tired of the talking heads on TV working together to brainwash us into believing that you can’t win. They are fearful because they know you’ve got the people’s vote.

In 1996, I personally talked with over 40,000 people during the volunteer petition drive for Ross Perot, remember him? People told me they were so fed up and disgusted with our inept and corrupt politicians that they refuse to vote any more. Blue collar workers suffered the most because their jobs were either shipped overseas or across the Mexican border. These citizens of the United States are too angry to vote for anyone but you. I call this huge, untapped pool of defiant voters the MONSTER VOTE.

Moving forward to 2016, the vast majority of Americans still feel powerless, unaware of the immense power they possess, as the largest voting bloc in America! If you awaken the monster vote, you will win in a landslide.

In 2012, almost five out of ten eligible citizens did not vote. That means 66 million voted for Obama, 61 million for Romney, and a whopping 100 million eligible citizens did not vote. Ironically these 100 million citizens, who typically do not vote, represent the largest voting bloc in America. They can elect any one they want to be their President and they want you! They are the MONSTER VOTE.

Right now, we’re living through a pivotal moment in history because you have America’s ear. Please tell the hard-working citizens of this country that you know who they are.

Countless others and I wish you the best, Mr. Trump. Thank you for sacrificing your personal time and money to run for President of these United States. With highest regards,
Citizen Dale

source: redstatewatcher.com

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