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HILARIOUS: Jeff Dunham Unloads on Corrupt Hillary Clinton

We talked about how Hillary Clinton has become such a caricature of herself, pop culture can’t help but mock her (see Even Jimmy Fallon is Making Fun of #HillarysHealth and HILARIOUS New Parody Video Nails Pandering Hillary Clinton). Add Jeff Dunham to the list.

Yes, the ventriloquist with the puppets.

Look at the jokes Dunham made: Hillary’s lies, Hillary’s entitlement, and Hillary’s blind ambition. Easy targets, yes, but compare what Dunham just did to the long list of celebrity shills who are fervently circling the wagon to support Cankles. WATCH: Why Celebrity Hillary Endorsements Will Backfire Huge…

Dunham also slipped in a joke about how Hillary may (OR MAY NOT) have had someone killed. ALLEGEDLY.

This is why Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Clinton on SNL, Dunham’s skit, and other similar hits on Hillary are the most devastating videos of the election cycle. Albeit unknowingly (and they probably regret doing so), SNL took the conservative caricature of Hillary Clinton and made it mainstream. Not that it was hard work. Hillary is an easy target for mockery. Who else walks around wearing fashion-designer tarps? And sounds like crushed violins whenever she speaks? No seriously. Who? Does anyone you know wear pantsuits? If yes, maybe it’s time you unknow them. Ideas. Just ideas.

Repeat after me: Engage the Culture. Tattoo it on your chest, tribal style. Then it’s “hip.” We’re all about “hip” around here.

Now, here’s a portrayal of Hillary Clinton as Adolf Hitler…


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