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Hillary And Obama Spy Just Exposed Everything

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton as well as all of the lying Democrats have now sunken deep now that President Donald Trump is taking his revenge at them for hiring a former British spy to do nefarious deeds, all with the goal of taking out the POTUS. And as if that was not enough, Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump is also falling apart now that the spy has revealed groundbreaking information that incriminates them all.

The left has used all of the information they could get their hands on, twisting it and turning it against Trump, but it seems that now after months of fake accusations, Karma has caught up to Obama, Comey, Hillary and the rest of the Democrats, now that the Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson has taken off and left the country, not coming back anytime soon. He was subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Committee to testify under oath about the veracity of the dossier, and it seemed as if he was looking for a way to quickly get out of the country.

Shortly put, if Simpson stated that he wanted to testify behind closed doors, that would be understandable, but the fact that he is making a last-minute bail means that he is hiding some serious crimes which would put Hillary, Obama and Democrats into deep trouble, not just against Trump, but against the American people as well.

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