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Hillary’s Health #HillarysHealth Cannot Be Ignored !

Hillary’s longtime and her most trusted ally, Huma Abedin, emailed staff to warn them that Hillary is often confused. This was revealed during the Clinton email scandal. The often-confused Hillary Clinton has also had “short circuits” live on camera. Something is going on, and the media won’t cover it.

Hillary falls down while boarding an air plane (in 2011).

Hillary needs help walking up the stairs.

Hillary sought advice from NFL officials after suffering a concussion from her stroke.

Even the liberal, anti-Trump Daily Beast asked questions about Hillary’s health.

Hillary Clinton Aide Sought NFL Concussion Advice After Boss Fell After Hillary Clinton fainted and hit her head in 2012, her press aide reached out to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, among others, for advice as to how to deal with the negative press.

Hillary Clinton wears special “prism” glasses as she suffers spells of dizziness.

Hillary had a seizure while talking to reporters.

Hillary has a seizure at the DNC.

Hillary short-circuits at a rally, has to be hypnotized back into giving her speech.

Hillary has coughing fits that last several minutes.

Hillary has a hole in her tongue, which some say is signs she has a cancer biopsy.

Hillary has not given a press conference in over 250 days.

Hillary hasn’t given a press conference in over 250 days.

She is getting a free pass.

The media has even claimed Hillary’s health is off-limits.

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