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Homeless Woman Attacked For Guarding Trump’s “Walk Of Fame” Star

More leftist violence. Despite the media and the government warning of the violent protects and rhetoric from Trump supporters, the only real threats and violence come from the left. This is classic. The left was built on violence and bullying tactics, it is all they know how to do.

A homeless woman in LA was defending Donald Trump’s Hollywood star after it was vandalized. But that just ticked the liberals off more:
Via Breitbart:

men can be seen shouting and cursing at the woman before taking things from her cart. One man accuses the woman of “spewing hate.”
“You spewed hate and you got hate,” one man tells the woman as she lies on the ground, with bystanders ripping up her signs. “You got exactly what you were dishing out. I told you. I warned you.”

A group of people continues to stand around while some consider calling paramedics. Another woman eventually asks the homeless woman if she needs some water.

Typical leftists non-sense. They can’t stand that someone would dare stop them from violence, so they answer with more violence.

Via : http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/

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