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It’s beginning: Hawaii Registers all Guns Owners on FBI Watch List!!!

Last Thursday, Hawaii became the first state in United States history to automatically register gun owners to the FBI’s “criminal watch list.” Anyone in this state who owns a gun will now be legally investigated, probed and future actions recorded by the United States government.

So, what exactly is a FBI terrorism watch list and what does it mean?

This database includes the names and aliases of anyone known to be, or reasonably suspected of being involved in terrorism, or assisting terrorism through financial aid or other means. Every person on this list will be subjected to an investigation and sometimes interviewed directly; everything from traffic stops, social media to credit card spending, is monitored and recorded. In some instances, people on these watch lists may not be able to travel outside the U.S., or board a plane.

The brash move, headed by Democrat Governor David Ige, comes as a direct result of the sit in protest in Washington D.C. – led by several leading Democrat figures. The protest was staged in an attempt to ride the fresh emotional wave of the Orlando shootings and use the heightened sense of awareness to their advantage, ramming anti-gun legislation through Congress. Though the Democrat’s efforts failed, their bills voted down and sit in canceled after just 25 hours, not all was wasted – as Hawaii’s most recent law attests.

Governor Ige says he knows this bill is controversial and unprecedented. He admitted that “the NRA finds this one of the most extreme bills we have ever seen.” Co-author of the legislation Senator Will Espero said, all being considered, this bill was the right thing to do. He also defensed the new law as “common sense legislation that does not hurt anyone.“

The bill went into effect immediately. As of last Friday, every gun owner in the geographic confines of Hawaii is now being criminally investigated by the United States government. Keep in mind, nearly all of these people are law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong – other then exercising their constitutional rights.

The bill is not necessarily restricted to Hawaii either. Governor Ige noted that even though this a Hawaiian law, the bill could effect people living in other states as well. According to the language of the new legislation, any person with a carry license who wants to travel to Hawaii from an outside state, must now also register with Hawaii – so the state can add them to the watch list database before they arrive.

This is what the future of America will look like if liberal gun activists continue to get their way – expansive government and placing ordinary, everyday law abiding citizens on a national terrorism watch list. So far, Hawaii is the first, but there are rumors Connecticut and California hope to adopt similar measures in the near future.

Sources: Reuters, CNN, FBI.gov

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