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Ivanka Trump Is Planning Something Unexpected

New reports have come in and apparently, Ivanka Trump is planning to take a trip to Germany in order to attend a summit on economic empowerment of women.

According to reports from APNews, the First Daughter was invited by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent White House visit, the official said, who was not authorized to discuss further details of the trip by name and he requested anonymity.

The W20 summit will take place in Berlin in late April, and it will be a women-focused effort within the Group of 20 countries. Ivanka’s plans are still being worked out, however, she hopes to study successful apprenticeship programs during her visit.

Both Ivanka and Merkel spent some time together during Merkel’s White House visit with President Donald Trump. The first daughter helped arrange a meeting between American and German business leaders to discuss vocational training, at the request of German officials.

This meeting is marked as the second time that foreign leaders have reached out to Ivanka Trump to coordinate an economic discussion, as she has previously helped Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau organize a meeting on economic development opportunities for women.

President Trump has also been discussing job training opportunities with CEOs for some time now, starting with meetings Ivanka held before Trump took office. On top of that, she has also pledged to work on expanding economic opportunities for women.

It is clear to most people why the First Daughter Ivanka is seen as a rising power in the young administration, and for that, she will be getting an office in the West Wing, a security clearance as well as government-issued electronic devices despite not being an official employee.


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