Donald Trump is the most vulnerable president to assassination since JFK. There are very few points of comparison between President John F Kennedy and the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. However, according to a group of lawyers and activists called Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), the two men have one very important thing in common – they have both made a lot of powerful enemies embedded within the deep state. Now they are warning that this could mean that Donald Trump is the most vulnerable president to the threat of assassination since JFK himself.

Polls have consistently shown that a majority of the American public are highly skeptical about the claims that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in his act of violence against the president. Many people believe that Oswald was, in his words, ‘a patsy’ and it is a commonplace to think that someone was pulling his strings to suit their agenda which required a removal of President Kennedy from office.

This year, CAPA joined to talk about the imminent release of the previously undisclosed documents relating to the infamous assassination. According to the JFK Assassination Records Act, all of these documents must be released into the public domain this year, and the people at CAPA are very hopeful that it may shine some light on the mysterious and sinister circumstances concerning JFK’s death. While at the conference, the members of CAPA spoke in depth about the worrying parallels between today’s political climate and those in the build up to the assassination of one of America’s most popular presidents. Participants pointed out that JFK had made himself deeply unpopular with the deep state and the military industrial complex in the period leading up to his death. He had moved towards a conclusion to the war in Vietnam which was received poorly among the US military commanders. Furthermore, the mishandling of the Bay of Pigs fiasco led to many in the intelligence community viewing him as an unsuitable president.

President Trump has also attracted the ire of the intelligence community whom he has accused of spreading lies about him on more than one occasion. There have been various leaks about Trump’s unwillingness to read his intelligence briefings thoroughly which served to undermine his authority among the public. In recent weeks, members of the deep state including James Comey have taken to explicitly undermining the president publicly by dismissing his claims that he was wiretapped during the Obama administration.

Ironically, one of the lawyers associated with CAPA pointed out, the deep state first appeared to be working to favor Trump during the presidential election. Lawrence Schnapf said that James Comey overtly interfered with the electoral process by taking the unprecedented decision to announce that there would be an FBI investigation into the contents of Hillary Clinton’s emails during a crucial moment in the campaign. According to Schnapf, this was not a call that Comey had any authority to make as the Department of Justice makes all decisions concerning FBI investigations. Therefore, one has to draw the conclusion that the announcement was intended to tilt undecided voters towards Donald Trump. Given that the deep state worked so hard to install Trump as the President of the United States it is very unlikely that they will take his open contempt towards the intelligence community with good grace. Unfortunately, CAPA believes that Trump may have succeeded in making some very dangerous enemies who will not hesitate to remove him from office by any means available to them if they believe that he will not act according to their agenda.


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