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JUST IN: Hillary’s Latest Delusional Statement: ‘ I’m Going to Run For…..

Hillary Clinton plans to keep her campaign organization running during the next four years because she plans to run again for President in 2020. At least, that’s what Ed Klein reports.

“She’s convinced that, sooner than later, the voters will come to their senses and realize they made a horrible mistake by putting [Donald] Trump in the White House,” a source close to Hillary told Ed Klein Confidential. “She’s sure the voters will beg her to get in the race and she says, ‘I’m going to run again in 2020.’”

However, the source also says that not many people agree with her. In fact, several of them believe Hillary is in a bad way—deeply depressed, drinking too much, and delusional about her chances of making a successful run for the White House four years from now when she’ll be 73 and in shaky health.

But these advisers are afraid to dash Hillary’s presidential dreams and send her into an even deeper depression.

“Hillary is in a state of denial and accepts zero responsibility for her loss to Trump,” one of these sources said. “She’s convinced that [FBI Director James] Comey’s last-minute announcement that he was reopening his investigation of Hillary’s emails was planned in advance by her Republican enemies. She’s also convinced that [Russian president Vladimir] Putin was working with Trump and that the two were in direct contact.

“She further believes that a groundswell of anger is going to make it impossible for Trump to govern effectively,” the source continued. “In her view, Trump is a rank amateur in the art of politics, and he’s going to screw up badly and find himself in deep trouble.

“She told me—and I’m paraphrasing: ‘Trump has no idea what it’s like to run the biggest corporation in the world, the United States government. He has no f—–g idea how complicated it is, how many cogs are spinning at the same time, how many people are fighting at cross purposes, how much disinformation you get.’”

According to sources close to Bill Clinton, he does not want Hillary to run again. Given his own serious health problems, Bill doubts he will be in any shape to help Hillary four years from now.

“Bill hopes Hillary will see the light and change her mind,” a source close to Bill said. “He’s sure the party will want a fresh new face come 2020.”

(H/T) Newsmax

I thought that this woman is done with politics. She should just quit politics while she can. She should be happy that she is not in prison, not run again for President. In addition, Trump would destroy her in 2020, AGAIN!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that she should remain in politics?

Thank you for reading.

Source: http://www.usanewsflash.com

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