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Krauthammer: Trump Did “Right Thing” On Leaks, Bring In General “To Read Everybody The Riot Act”


Charles Krauthammer said President Trump “did exactly the right thing” in bringing in General Kelly to serve as his chief of staff to bring order to the White House and to stop leaks. Krauthammer said there was a “free-for-all” mentality going on helmed by people with personal ambitions. And on top of that, Krauthammer said, Anthony Scaramucci was a “suicide bomber” who took out people with him.

DANA PERINO, GUEST HOST: So, there are different kinds of leaks. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions will talk about is the national security related intelligence information leaks that are criminal, but now as Ed Henry was suggesting, we have a new chief of staff, General John Kelly whose coming into a White House that has had leaks about sort of what is going on inside the White House that they do not like either. What can a chief of staff do to stop that kind of thing?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Fire people who are caught and try to make it very clear that that will be the penalty so that you get a deterrent effect. There was a sense up until Kelly’s accession a day ago that the White House was a free-fire zone where if you had a personal enemy, and you had certain ambitions thwarted by rivals in the White House, you could just be leaking crazily to try to embarrass, hurt them, or to bring them down.

Scaramucci was pretty open about it. He wasn’t exactly a secret leaker. He was more of a suicide bomber who took a whole bunch of people down with him. So you have this culture of free-for-all, and what you needed, I think that Trump did the exact right thing. You bring in a Marine General who has a sense of chain of command in order to read everybody the Riot Act. And presumably, it will reduce the number of leaks in the future. But it ain’t going to do a thing about the ones that have already leaked out and which have been so damaging up until now.


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