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Liberal Cher Invites Illegals Into Her Mansion For Protection From Trump – HUGE Mistake!

The number of celebs outraged over President Trump’s new immigration enforcement plan just keeps going up. Those who have been politically active and those who just see it as a great publicity stunt are all piling on the Commander in Chief, calling him all sorts of names for doing his job and enforcing the law. The limousine liberals are out in droves to support the illegal immigrants that they’ve barely had any interaction with up to this point.

Apparently, the view is pretty great from the ivory tower, and at least one legend is ready to share it. The iconic Cher has decided to put her money where her mouth is and invite some of those who are slated for deportation to hang out at her house. As you can imagine, this was met with mixed emotions by those who noticed it in the Twitterverse. Whether or not she will follow through with her offer remains to be seen, but at least she’s considering putting her money where her mouth is.
Via Down Trend:

When president Trump announced he was ending Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program DACA, liberals predictably freaked out. None however lost it as bad as past-her-prime pain-in-the-ass Cher. The has-been singer claims she is going to house illegal aliens in her mansion to protect them from Trump or something. On top of that, she is imploring her liberal celebrity friends to do the same thing. Clearly she doesn’t understand quite how much liberal elitists hate being around poor people or how their generosity only extends to them giving other people shit for not be generous.

In response to Trump ending Obama’s DACA program, Cher tweeted this hieroglyphic:

Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them I’m Ready 2 Do This & [pray] Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME SANCTUARY,’ wrote Cher.

She obviously doesn’t understand what is going on. DACA recipients will still be protected from deportation and allowed to work for the next 6 months and up to 4 years, with the idea that Congress will pass some kind of immigration reform that will make their amnesty legal and permanent. These so called DREAMers were never an enforcement priority in the first place and Trump ending DACA doesn’t change that. Cher’s hysterical tweet makes it seem like they are suddenly going to be rounded up and deported and that’s simply not the case.

Despite that being an incredibly generous offer (or maybe because of it), there were a few doubtful souls who didn’t believe that the superstar would really follow through with what her political rhetoric prompted her to offer. They decided to voice their doubt, and Cher was none too thrilled to receive it.
(DT) “You know she’s serious because that was the first tweet Cher has ever sent that isn’t mostly emojis.

That Twitter user did have a point. Before the election tons of celebrities swore they would leave the country if Trump won and not a single one of them followed through. This feels similar with celebrities (or just Cher at this point) claiming she’s going to take in illegal aliens to protect them from Trump. It seems like more Hollywood bullshit because celebrities have a track record of being full of shit.

If Cher takes in any illegal aliens it will be in the form of housekeeping and gardening. Actually, she probably already has illegal aliens tending to her mansion and I guarantee she doesn’t pay them squat. The idea that she’s going to open up her mansion to a bunch of illegal aliens as house guests is laughable.

Part of me hopes she is the one celebrity who isn’t a complete fraud and she really does let illegal aliens move into her house. It will be too funny for words when they destroy her place and rob her blind. Even funnier when she can’t get them to leave. Of course, we will never know if this happened because she isn’t going to be as vocal when her social experiment goes wrong.”

It would be a very curious social experiment if she were to let just anyone hang out at her house in order to dodge ICE. Especially if you consider the violent reaction she had to someone making a comment about their doubt in her conviction to follow through. She doesn’t seem to be one to have a long fuse, and housing a whole lot of people already proven to be law breakers might be enough to break her of her liberal bleeding heart.

The natural cure for that would be to only allow in those illegals who passed some sort of test so that they would be agreeable for Cher to have around. Maybe only those that she might enjoy spending time around, or who would lend to the spirit that she’s trying to foster in her home. But if you did that, it would be like vetting them, which is what she’s against the United States doing, so she would never do that at her own home, I’m sure.
The fact of the matter is that stars like Cher have security and publicists and lots of other people to keep them safe and make them look good. They don’t have the same problems that we have and never will, so it’s no skin off their nose if illegals stay. Their solution isn’t one that is sustainable for the nation because we can’t all have gates and armed guards.

But in the mean time, if she does move forward with her plan to house illegals, maybe I can forge a DACA card so that I get to see Cher’s house. They’re totally for forging paperwork to get what you want, and I’m sure they’d never keep me out just because I wasn’t born into the same ethnicity as they were. No great tragedy without some small gain, right?

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