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Loretta Lynch ‘Pleads the 5th’ on Iran Ransom Cash

Loretta Lynch was asked by Sen Marco Rubio and Rep Mike Pompeo to provide information in regard to 13 questions on the January cash payment to Iran. That payment is widely viewed as a ransom, but the government continues to call it a mere long-standing deal with the Hague. Lynch refused any information through her assistant attorney general, who responded with:

In essence, she plans to stand on the 5th.

“Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik responded on Lynch’s behalf, refusing to answer the questions and informing the lawmakers that they are barred from publicly disclosing any details about the cash payment, which was bound up in a ransom deal aimed at freeing several American hostages from Iran.” The Washington Free Beacon

Congressional response to Kadzik’s return letter was angry.

“It is frankly unacceptable that your department refuses to answer straightforward questions from the people’s elected representatives in Congress about an important national security issue. Your staff failed to address any of our questions, and instead provided a copy of public testimony and a lecture about the sensitivity of information associated with this issue.

As the United States’ chief law enforcement officer, it is outrageous that you would essentially plead the fifth and refuse to respond to inquiries. The actions of your department come at time when Iran continues to hold Americans hostage and unjustly sentence them to prison.” Congressional letter

Refusal to answer questions

The Free Beacon reported,

“Who knew that simple questions regarding Attorney General Lynch’s approval of billions of dollars in payments to Iran could be so controversial that she would refuse to answer them?” Pompeo said. “This has become the Obama administration’s coping mechanism for anything related to the Islamic Republic of Iran—hide information, obfuscate details, and deny answers to Congress and the American people.”

The actual information about the hostage deal is ‘unclassified,’ but being kept under what the Beacon reports as “lock and key” in a facility that does not allow whoever views them to bring in a cellphone or take any kind of notes on what they see.

As the Obama administration continues to attempt to hide its dirt, we can hope for a huge opener to take the lid off this nasty can of deceitful worms.

Source: http://conservativefiringline.com/

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