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Loretta Lynch’s Desperate Cover Up Attempt May Be Her Final Undoing

By now, almost everyone in America has heard about the unscrupulous meeting involving Loretta Lynch (then US Attorney General) and former President Bill Clinton, which occurred on a tarmac shortly before the 2016 Presidential elections.

The two met, and according to them, talked about “grandchildren” while surrounded by a team of FBI agents, and completely shielded from the media and the public.

Interestingly enough, almost immediately after their rendezvous, Hillary Clinton, who was facing serious trouble over her criminal mishandling of highly classified information, and her subsequent attempts to hide it, was mysteriously cleared of all wrongdoing.

So too were her staff and those immediately involved in the fiasco, it simply disappeared into thin air.
Despite the fact that it received little to no media coverage, Americans were able to learn of this occurrence using social media, and were outraged.

That outrage never went away, and after the election of President Trump, and Lynch’s inflammatory comments urging “resistance” against the president, the American people want her to pay for her crimes.

It looked as if Lynch was above the law, but now, things aren’t looking so good for the embattled former Attorney General.

Ironically, the very mainstream media that shielded Lynch and her criminal cohorts may prove to be her undoing, as their emails on the subject have recently been leaked to the public.

As it turns out, Lynch, who is now under investigation herself, is the subject of many emails which were uncovered by the American Center for Law and Justice during the course of their investigation.

The evidence which was found was damning, and shows blatant collusion between the Lynch-headed DOJ and the mainstream media.

In the emails, certain examples of an obvious coverup attempt have come to light, including a Washington Post reporter saying “I’m hoping I can put this to rest,” a New York Times reporter apologizing for being forced to cover the story, and a DOJ spokesperson claiming that an ABC producer was refusing to cover the story as well.

This is yet another example of blatant collusion on the part of Democrats, and predictably, the mainstream media is refusing to touch the story.

The fact that the Department of Justice colluded with reporters from the mainstream media in an effort to shield both Lynch and Hillary Clinton from harm is alarming and completely unethical; although it is also extremely unsurprising, given the rampant corruption under the Obama administration.

Whatever comes of this new information remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Loretta Lynch committed a crime, and brazenly violated multiple ethics laws and rules, disrespecting the entire Department of Justice in the process.

The mainstream media, who hasn’t hidden their bias towards President Trump, is clearly acting as an enemy entity, and is engaged in a 24/7 war with the president and the American people, but this may just be what is needed to blow the lid off both Democrats and the lying media, once and for all.


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