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Media Dead Silent on Trump’s HUGE Economic Gains

All major news networks are silent on this incredible news from the Trump economy boom.

Further proof that we have a completely fake media, that “cherry picks” stories in order to destroy President Trump.

They have no interest in reporting actual news.

If they did, they’d be reporting on every single station that the economy grew 3% under President Trump.

Trump is doing EXACTLY what we asked of him.

Yet, our lying fake news media refuses to report it.

From Newsbusters.org

The government estimated that the U.S. grew at an annual rate of 3 percent in the second quarter. That was significantly higher than the 2.7 percent expected.

The good economic news was heralded as “impressive,” a “substantial acceleration” over the first quarter, “rosy,” and “without question good news for the economy.” But not by ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs.

None of those programs mentioned the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s estimate of second quarter growth on Aug. 30. NBC Nightly News found time to point out that men are becoming fathers later in life.

It is hard to see how that story was more imperative than an update on how the U.S. economy is doing — especially since many people voted for President Donald Trump because of their economic concerns.

Coverage of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath naturally dominated network coverage, but what even the liberal Washington Post described as “the strongest quarterly growth for the United States in more than two years” should have gotten attention from each network.

CBS Evening News mostly covered Hurricane Harvey, but also reported on President Trump’s tax reform announcement and included a story about Trump and his defense secretary sending “mixed messages” on North Korea.

In addition to Harvey, NBC Nightly News took time to report on President Donald Trump’s tax reform announcement, a new kind of cancer treatment, that new data on fatherhood, and to mention how Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Kate honored the late Princess Diana 20 years after the fatal car accident.


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