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Michael Lewis just wrote the most alarming article of the year!


Michael Lewis is a great author. This article came out today for the September Vanity Fair and is perhaps his most important work, better than all the others that were great themselves (Moneyball, Liar’s Poker, the Blind Side, the Big Short, etc.) Long, but well worth your time. Please share with others (as I’m doing here) if you think this is as important as I do.

Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House

This article is long-form journalism. It will grab you for the half-hour or so it will take for you to read it. It will appall you. It will scare you. It will make you realize that as bad as Trump has been, his administration is orders of magnitude worse, and the consequences could be catastrophic. Full of ideologues, disorganized, incompetent, and willfully ignorant.

This story is about the Department of Energy, and how that heroic agency does so much more than the public knows. And how the Trump ideologues couldn’t care less. Incurious about the DOE’s work to mitigate nuclear threats, including nuclear waste and loose weapon’s grade material,  the Trump Administration is being criminally negligent. Their malfeasance is harming the brainpower and tasks of the DOE, and they don’t seem to care. Read Lewis’s article and you will be disgusted.

North Korea is not our biggest nuclear threat. Our own country is due to willful negligence from our own leadership. We are in great danger. Read this. NOW.

Update: I’m so glad this made the Rec List as this is such an important article. While Trump is causing distractions and the media is rightfully focused on Russiagate, real damage is being done to our government and our national security/safety. Lewis does a little digging and sees the crap happening. Imagine what else is happening, or not happening!

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