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Moment Of Fury And Frustration: Obama Failed In His Attempt To Look Like A Hero As The Actual Hero Showed Up In Texas Today

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Barack Obama’s desperate attempt to take over as president since the first rainfall began to bury Houston in water has backfired several times as he and his desperate minions used this deadly natural disaster in order to improve his reputation.

Now, a big surprise appeared in Texas for stranded victims, which made Obama extremely angry who though he was the hero with his Tweet.

Obama never showed concern of the victims of disaster, especially if it interfered with a tee time on the golf course. So, it seems suspicious that he for the first time in nearly a decade provided a public response to the victims and responders.

As we know, where there is a smoke, there is a fire since he is more likely to wrote that message in order to beat President Donald Trump to the “punch.” That was less efficient when the comparison about his lack of action during the Louisiana floods quickly came up, made worse by the “photo proof” of his compassion in Houston being false.

While Obama was trying to depict himself as a hero from his Twitter account, the actual hero showed up on the scene, and brought big surprise for stranded victims as he wasn’t the one they expected.

Despite the Governor Greg Abbott’s request for the help of 3, 000 for rescue efforts of stranded people, the damage was so severe to make sure everyone is safe. Five have already lost their lives and an unsung group of heroes who consider themselves as a new kind of “navy“just appeared and change the plight for one elderly woman so far, who may not have made it out alive.

A group of Louisianans known as the “Cajun Navy“ is the only group who understands the devastation and terrifying nature of a flood, since they accomplished what Obama couldn’t with his passive tweet.

Breitbart reports:

Members of the “Cajun Navy” made landfall in flooded Bayou City and quickly saved the life of a 73-year-old woman they found floating in the street.

Three members of the Cajun Navy traveled from their homes in Louisiana to help rescue people stranded in the catastrophic flooding that impacted Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Joshua Lincoln, Ricky Berrigan, and Donnie Davenport came across a woman floating face down in a roadway, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported.

“I thought it was a trash bag,” Lincoln told the newspaper. “She was wearing a black shirt.

“The lady must have been crossing in some current,” he explained. “She floated right to the boat. We jumped out and got her and gave her compressions right there in the water. We were holding her from behind.”

Had the Cajun Navy not been truly proactive in their approach to this disaster, this woman, who is someone’s grandmother and mother, may not have made it. She was so close to succumbing to the elements that it took 15 chest compressions to get her stable, which they were so quick about that they did it before even pulling her into the boat since time as of the essence.

On Sunday, Southeast Louisiana Storm Spotters sent out their own social media message that really meant something, since it had action behind it, unlike Obama’s tokenary few words.

“Hang on Houston, Assets from The Cajun Navy are en route.
Houston area Officials have given the Cajun’s the Green Light to come in and assist with SAR efforts.

We’re in direct communication with them giving them weather guidance and also getting reports from them about road conditions in the Western part of Louisiana,” the post said. A short time later, the special “navy” showed up and saved the day for who they could help and first.

These incredible guys are among the heroes who don’t get the recognition they deserve in Houston, which Barack Obama was trying to steal from them. He took days to show up to smile and wave in Louisiana, while these guys were already in the flood waters saving victims there too, as one woman remembers who is alive today because of the Cajun Navy.

“The Cajun Navy saved my life in the 2016 flood in SE La. Water was rising fast and everyone was already gone from my neighborhood. 911 and police lines were overloaded. I finally got through when I went out and stood in front of my garage in hip deep water, then I begin calling HELLLLLLPPP! It wasn’t 5 minutes later when I saw a boat coming for me. Current was very rapid, I wouldn’t have survived water went up to 52 inches in my house and I am 63 inches tall. Cajun Navy has my everlasting gratitude!” the woman, who goes by the name “Magnolia” commented on Breitbart’s article regarding these heroes today.

“They left Costco today with beans, rice and other ingredients to cook for those, who by now in great need of a hot meal. And they are goooood cooks! Must have been 100 boats,” she added.

These are the ones who deserve attention, not Obama’s passive tweet to tell Americans where they can donate to the Red Cross if they want to help. These are the ones who actually proved they can and will help while Obama golfed during the Louisiana flooding and now wants to act like he’s somehow in charge in Houston.


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