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Mueller’s Deep State’s Assault on Trump Intensifies

As the witch hunt against President Trump intensifies, there have been new developments, including the revelation that Robert Mueller, who’s leading the attack against our president, has empaneled a Grand Jury to hear evidence.

What this means, specifically, is still unclear, but it indicates that Mueller believes he’s got SOMETHING on Trump, and is intending to do harm to our “America First” President if at all possible.

A Grand Jury’s purpose is essentially to allow prosecutors to seek indictments against an individual or an organization, as well issue subpoenas, and are used to get witness testimonies on the record.

A Grand Jury is not necessarily a sure fire path to formal charges being filed, or even an indictment, and this could very well be exactly what the Trump administration needs to put this ridiculous investigation to rest for good.
However, given the nature of Robert Mueller’s shady Deep State ties, as well as the fact that he’s stacked the deck against President Trump by filling his “Special Counsel” with Hillary and Obama loyalists and anti-Trump Democrats, it seems more than likely that he is indeed doing all he can to damage our president by levying charges against him.

The White House has said that they welcome the opportunity to “bring this investigation to a swift conclusion,” and have stated that they are “committed to fully cooperating with Mr. Mueller.”

Despite the friendly demeanor thus far, President Trump is clearly aware that this is an all out assault against both he and his family, and has threatened to fire Mueller if he crosses the line ethically.

The thing is, Mueller already HAS crossed ethical lines, simply due to his close ties with former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by Trump for his own unethical behavior, and proceeded to show himself as a dedicated enemy to our president.

Clearly, the impaneling of a Grand Jury is enough to indicate that Robert Mueller and his team of Deep State Democrats are not playing around, and they’re fully committed to doing anything they can to rid “the powers that be” of the thorn in their side which is President Trump.

Mueller has crossed the line so many times, and gone completely unchecked, and at this point, it’s beyond ridiculous.

Never before has it been so apparent that President Trump is being targeted for removal, impeachment, and possible criminal charges by the bitter and dejected establishment elite.

From both the Democrats and the “Republicans” in the inner circle of career politicians, we have seen brazen attacks, and clearly biased comments made against our president since the results were in; this is just another example of what President Trump is facing daily in his quest to Make America Great Again.

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