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Muslim Man Enters Goodwill, Chokes Elderly Woman Employee…Because She Wouldn’t Say It

All of the nations that find themselves on Trump’s now-famous travel ban list are nation’s that, among other sinister things, routinely beat people (or worse) for refusing to convert to Islam. This is true even though Islam is a religion that has precepts that have no real bearing in reality or reason, such as the more historical religions of the world. This is why Egypt once worshipped Ra, the Sun God, and today face having images of Ra shattered for the crime of Islamic blasphemy. The truth is that every nation that is today Islamic are only in that condition due to having been conquered by the sword and beaten into the practice. No one chooses this burden on a national level for any other reason; it has never happened.

These beatings are occurring now in America as the case of Khaliad Bilal shows us. Bilal was arrested the past weekend at a Goodwill in Muncie on “preliminary counts of strangulation, battery, battery on law enforcement, intimidation, resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct,” according to court documents. The reason for the attack? It seems that the elderly clerk who worked at the Goodwill had her life threatened by Bilal as he tried in vain to convert the lady to Islam. She just would not “say it” and join Islam, that is all. It is even reported that the savage attack from the man broke an officer’s hand as he tried to intervene.

The Ball State Daily is reporting that an officer made his entrance into the store only to find Bilal yelling and screaming at those who worked in there. The cop is said to have confronted the man and as things became more unstable, the officer was forced to employ his taser. At that point, a second officer showed up at the now chaotic scene and attempted to subdue the crazed Islamist. The broken hand resulted when the suspect attacked the officers and bedlam broke out. For this action, Bilal was tazed a second time, an action which proved effective enough to allow his hands and feet to be handcuffed before he could harm anyone else whilst preaching the religion of peace to them.

As the melee was happening, the mad Muslim kept telling the officers that they “were going to hell” and he kept shouting, “Allahu Akbar.” This term can be thought of in two ways. To compare, when an Islamist says, “Allahu Akbar” upon hearing that a loved one has conquered a case of the flu, then it is a blessing, much like a Christian may say, “God bless you” post-sneeze. However, if it is being said by a madman in a Goodwill as he tries to choke elderly female staff members, then he is certainly meaning it in the ISIS “going to cut your head off” kind of way. We see this disparity in America between honest God loving Christians who reach out to others and those that repel and threaten them, like the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. The difference is, while vile, the WBC isn’t hurting anyone and there are not millions of them.

Some of this may be chalked up to mental illness since Bilal claimed to be “Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.” If this is true then he is no different than the man muttering to himself that he is Jesus Christ as he roams the floor of the insane asylum. Then again, how often is this the case? Radical Islam chooses to find such people ON PURPOSE in order to get them to do their bidding. It is not that people like Bilal are Islamic, but rather, that radical sharia Islam are CHOOSING people of such low mental states to BE radicalized. They know no better, in many instances. The underwear bomber is said to have the IQ of a pencil, for instance. For this reason, the fact that Bilal may be mentally challenged is cause for alarm and not just to be written off as a madman who happened to be a Muslim.

After preaching his message of goodwill, Bilal was taken to Ball Memorial Hospital where his injuries were assessed. In an act of Houdini-like skill, the angry Muslim managed to escape his restraints, something that is not an easy feat to accomplish. This he did, however, and managed to attack another officer who he punched three times in the face, sending his glasses flying. While searching for a “pressure point,” the officer is said to have “accidentally” punched Bilal in the mouth, an error that no one likely wept over. Bond for the deranged Bilal is set at $10,000.

Whether this man belongs in a prison cell or a mental hospital is of no concern to the bigger picture here. The truth is that this man did not find Islam, as much as Islam likely found him. ISIS and groups like them have made videos and published many writings about how such tactics were in use even as we read these words. Just as they have kept their tempestuous promise to blend in with the refugees fleeing their terror in Syria, so they are keeping their promise to vacuum up those of low mental awareness for evil acts. That is why sharia law has an ever growing foothold in prisons and jails all over the nation. They package it as a way to “get back” at society or the justice system and soon they are converted and attacking Goodwill clerks.

That is not to say that this exact scenario is the case with the manic acting Bilal, but one would not be too shocked to find that it were close to the mark. There is a reason that most people do not flock to a religion that beats women, kills gays and brings a state of drab misery wherever it takes root. Sharia Islam can even be thought of as a totally different religion from standard Islam in some regards, but the trouble is that it is impossible to tell one from another. This is seen in cults that will often steal the language of a religion but heap radically different meanings upon the terms. Just like any such cult, sharia Islam proves that it is no different and that it is not above employing such means of conversion. For them, it is jihad and conversion at ANY cost.


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