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Muslims Get Their Way – Illinois Will Permit Wearing Burqas in Driving Licenses Photos

The “stupidly” that is America continues unabated, and once again right in Obama’s own back yard…coincidence? You be the judge.

It seems that the state of Illinois (Obama land), will soon be allowing Muslims to wear face-concealing burqas in driver’s license photos.

“Yes”, you read it correctly, “ID photos” designed for the sole purpose of identifying an individual, in the state of Illinois will now allow (a privileged few), within our society, to in effect wear a disguise, a mask…which of course negates the actual purpose of having a photo ID, in the first place.

It’s become obvious that since this administration has been in power, that America has declined rapidly both as a world leader, and within our own society, laws that are designed to protect Americans are no longer enforced, and this is simply another example of Obama’s continued attempt to “transform America” and his war on American values.

Source: http://www.jewsnews.co.il/

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