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Obama’s Bunker Found Down The Street From Where The Trumps Are – Here’s What Was Found Inside

Barack Obama has been out of sight for several days, but wherever his successor goes, he’s sure to follow in his shadow. The former president can’t seem to just slip into obscurity and let Donald Trump do his job, as he’s obsessed with stalking him, which is now more apparent than ever.

Barack has been back from his six-month post-presidential vacation for about a month. Now that President Trump has embarked on a 17-day “break” from the White House, his predecessor has gotten to work.

The Obamas could have bought a residence in any place in the nation, but intentionally chose to stay close to the Trumps. He claimed they made this choice in the best interest of their youngest daughter, Sasha, who he and Michelle have all but abandoned while on their perpetual vacation. Now, we’re learning Obama hasn’t been resting and relaxing as much as he says he has — what he’s really been doing from his secret bunker all this time is worse.

Now, we’re learning Obama hasn’t been resting and relaxing as much as he says he has. For much of the time that he’s been out of sight, he’s been working behind Trump’s back from his secret bunker down the street from the White House and has just emerged with a disturbing announcement.

It’s now being reported that political pollster and former aide to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, dropped a bombshell this month by revealing the fact that “Barry” and a group of former aides have set up a “secret war room” in DC. The only objective in this den of destruction is to stop President Trump from governing this nation which Obama left in shambles.

The twisted truth is out about those who thought they were shielded in this room and operating in secrecy. This so-called war room reportedly holds multiple conference calls daily to hash out main stream media talking points.

Myths of Russia Collusion between Trump and Putin during the 2016 presidential election campaign and protecting Obama’s failed Obamacare law are among the hot topics. Obama ally, confidante and close friend Valerie Jarrett is among the regulars who slip in and out of this bunker to help Obama in his dirty work.
The secret meetings and divisive shenanigans have fueled many fires we’ve seen in Trump’s first 200 days and now a frightening announcement from Obama today. He’s ready to get back into action and thinks he can take over as president. Of course, the timing of this news with Trump out of town probably wasn’t coincidental.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former President Barack Obama plans to resurface on to the national scene this fall, albeit slowly, according to The Hill.

In the next few weeks, Obama and his staff will strategize a way allowing him to be part of the political conversation, while not making him the loudest voice in the party.

Aides say his role is to be more behind the scenes than anything else, in terms of fundraising for example, as opposed to a front man.

The Hill notes Obama has already given advice to the party since its devastating 2016 presidential loss, and he met with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez last July.

While his reemergence is made to sound passive, Americans can’t be fooled. This is a systematic approach to try to take down Trump and get closer to the goal of impeaching him.

In the last 7 months, Obama has been working closely with Jerrett whose has known communist ties.

According to Judicial Watch, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by the site reveal that the father, maternal grandfather, and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

For someone who is supposed to be retired, it sure seems like he’s working harder than he ever did while in office for two terms.

Never has this nation seen the kind of blatant disregard for the people’s will as we are witnessing from the Democrat Party today as it pertains to the 2016 Presidental Election results. They put a corrupt woman in place to run against Donald Trump who slapped them down and won by a landslide. Instead of blaming themselves and going back to the drawing board, they belittle the will of the American People and try to regain control behind the Commander-in-Chief’s back.


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