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Obama’s planning response to Trump’s DACA decision

Following this President Donald Trump’s Sunday announcement that he will be ending the DACA program, it has been revealed that former President Barack Obama who created the policy, is expected to speak out against the sitting president.

According to details, an anonymous Obama spokesperson has come forward revealing that the former president plans on posting a statement on Facebook and link it to Twitter, which will refer to Trump’s decision and possibly criticize him. The suspicions of Obama releasing a statement have always been high, since during his last news conference as president, before the inauguration of Trump, Obama stated that any unraveling or attack on the “Dreamer” program would prompt him to publicly speak and condemn the action.

“The notion that we would just arbitrarily, or because of politics, punish those kids, when they didn’t do something themselves … would merit my speaking out,” said Obama.

Unfortunately, a White House official revealed that Trump’s decision includes a six-month delay, which will allow Congress to once again step in and impair the work of the president, and chances are they will try using whatever they can to prevent the DACA program from being ended, complicating the POTUS’ situation even further, as he was already facing resistance from lawmakers on both sides, many of which are pleading to the president not to end the program.

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