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Donald Trump Just Declared WAR On These Republicans!


As you know, this was a very bad week for the Trump administration. They failed to repeal Obamacare, even though the House is controlled by the Republicans. So it is a very normal that President Trump was angry about this. Throughout this weekend, President Trump had time to gather his …

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Trump Has Brilliant Way to BAN Sharia From America


It is clear to all of us that Sharia law is un-American, and that is something that is never going to change. We don’t want our country to be run by an absurd and dangerous women-disrespecting foreign law. Trump outlined the “extreme vetting” as a part of his pause on …

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BREAKING! Republican Congressman Resigns Over Health Care Plan!


Ted Poe, a Republican Congressman of Texas, just resigned from the conservative House Freedom Caucus, over its opposition to the GOP health care plan. CNN reports that Rep. Poe announced on Sunday that he has resigned from the conservative House Freedom Caucus, over its opposition to the Republican health care …

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Look What Happened To Al Sharpton Today


These unpleasant leftists are constantly claiming to be feminist and pro-women, but when confronted with strong women who do not conform to their progressive stereotypes, they seem to bristle. One great example of a powerful and intelligent woman is the daughter of our President, Ivanka Trump. She is a graduate …

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Update: 4 Anti-Trump Antifa Thugs Arrested, Face Felony Charges (VIDEO)


Yesterday, big mess broke out in Huffington Beach California, after anti-Trump Antifa thugs physically confronted Trump supporters who came to attend a Pro-Trump rally. However, the police did their job correctly and a total of four leftists thugs are facing felony charges today, after they pepper-sprayed Trump supporters. As reported, …

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