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BREAKING: Investigator of Clintons FOUND DEAD With Bag Over Head


Back in May, a GOP operative who was investigating Hillary Clinton and trying to obtain her missing emails was found dead in what police say was a suicide. However, chilling new details have been revealed about his death that now have everyone talking. Young Conservatives reported that Peter W. Smith, …

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WHY Dems are DOOMED and a “New Slogan” Won’t Help!


After months of humiliating losses and embarrassing scandals, it seems the badly damaged Democratic Party is trying to rebrand itself now, but to what end? The party which once represented the working class American, the poor, and those who weren’t treated fairly, has changed so dramatically that they’ve become completely …

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Hillary And Obama Spy Just Exposed Everything


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton as well as all of the lying Democrats have now sunken deep now that President Donald Trump is taking his revenge at them for hiring a former British spy to do nefarious deeds, all with the goal of taking out the POTUS. And as if that …

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