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BREAKING! President Trump Just Called Out Chuck Todd and Obama


The situation is heating up more rapidly than ever, and we deeply feel with President Trump’s impatience towards the media. This afternoon, President Trump took it to twitter to call out Chuck Todd as well as NBC News about focusing so much on the fake Trump/Russia connection propaganda, instead of …

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White House goes blue for autism


Newshub reports that despite the claims from President Trump that vaccines cause autism, the White House will be lit in blue tomorrow in order to honor those people that have this condition. Here is what Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, had to say on the matter. “Further research …

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Breaking: Democrats Vote Against Bill Banning Sharia Law


The Democrats are constantly throwing around the word “Islamophobic” at us, for trying to protect our country from Sharia, but there is one thing they haven’t gotten right – that we are NOT afraid, we just don’t want Sharia Law in our nation because for starters, it does not belong …

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Liberals Protesting Outside Ivanka’s House Right Now


Reports have just come in of a MASSIVE protest taking place in front of First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s house. WERK for Peace, 350 DC, the Queer Resistance as well as the Trans Women of Color Collective have all gathered and organized a massive queer dance protest this Saturday. The protest …

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Hillary Clinton blasts Trump cuts to State’s budget


Over the past two months, Hillary Clinton has shown that she still can’t get over the fact she lost against Donald Trump, and he is our president now. On Friday, she emerged once again, and made a gross statement about Trump during a speech at Georgetown University. She once again …

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BREAKING: Trump Announces He’s RESIGNING, Here’s Why


President Trump has led an astonishing presidency so far with one huge improvement after another, but now news is breaking of his biggest shock yet. He’s just announced that he’s had a strong run in the White House but the 45th president will be the first to resign from office …

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