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Lawsuit: Disney Illegally Replaced Americans with Foreign Workers


Kids love Mickey. But does the world’s favorite mouse love American workers? Apparently not. Computerworld reports: “After Disney IT workers were told in October 2014 of the plan to use offshore outsourcing firms, employees said the workplace changed. The number of South Asian workers in Disney technology buildings increased, and …

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Refugee suspects surrender to police after homeless man set on fire


The suspects accused of setting a homeless person on fire in the Berlin underground have been identified as refugees from Syria and Libya, police confirmed. Six of them surrendered to police, while the seventh was arrested in a police operation. “Six suspects turned themselves in at various police stations [Monday] …

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Breaking: NYPD Officers Can Wear Turbans, Beards Under New Rules


MIDTOWN — The NYPD has revised its rules to allow Sikh members of the department to wear their turbans and have beards up to one half inch long, Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced on Wednesday. O’Neill made the announcement after a graduation ceremony at Madison Square Garden, flanked by officers …

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BULLY: Obama Manipulated Department Of Energy To Push Climate Change…


Surprise! Barack Obama has an agenda to push. Specifically that human beings are somehow altering the Earth’s climate. Which is interesting, because Barack Obama is altering his scientific line up to change the science of “climate change.” Got that? Here’s the 411 on Barry’s changeup: A new congressional investigation has …

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BREAKING: Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement – OBAMA IS FURIOUS!


One thing is for certain – Barack Obama never had even the slightest of respect for our history, way of life and tradition. The ex-American president tried to get our great nation to forget everything that was once widely recognized as “American” and jump straight in the neo-liberal limbo. But …

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