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Military aircraft over Manhattan raises questions, concerns


On Tuesday afternoon, a military HC-130 aircraft and helicopters were seen flying low over Manhattan, prompting a number of people to wonder why, the New York Times reported. The report goes on to say the flyover was part of a “routine training mission,” but it was anything but routine for …

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Report: FBI Links Jihadist Cults in America to Al-Qaeda


The Clarion Project has obtained newly-declassified FBI documents from 2003 revealing that the jihadist cult Jamaat ul-Fuqra, also known as Muslims of America (MOA), had ties with al-Qaeda in Pakistan. The group is best known for its network of about 22 Islamist compounds on American soil. The disclosures come on …

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BREAKING: Obama Moves to Implement UN Arms Treaty


A last-minute push was made by the current President Obama to get the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty ratified by sending it to the Senate along with some remarks and with only one goal – to get them to stand on his side. The controversial Arms Trade Treaty which seeks to …

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Obama Bombshell: Russia Did Not Hack Our Elections


President Barack Obama was forced to admit that Russia DID NOT hack the U.S. election and the DNC as it was reported everywhere by the mainstream media. While he was being interviewed by Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, Obama criticized and denounced the conspiracy theory that was circling around that Russia …

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The Five Actions Trump Can Take to Save the 2nd Amendment


Donald trump ran on a platform of saving the 2nd Amendment from Hillary and the liberals. These are common sense measureshe should work on immediately. Soon he will be occupying the oval office and there are five steps he needs to take to follow up on his promises, as supplied …

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The Transgender Movement Targets Autistic Children


  Last May, Dr. Kathleen Levinstein, a professor of social work at the University of Michigan, wrote a heartbreaking piece about her autistic daughter, a teenaged girl who became convinced that she was really a man trapped inside a woman’s body. With encouragement from transgender activists at the local organization …

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