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The Donald Trump Election Brag Tracker


When Donald Trump chatted with three Reuters reporters in April, he handed each of them a map memorializing his win over Hillary Clinton. “It’s pretty good, right?” the president asked before adding, “The red is obviously us.” This was not an outlier. Trump also bragged about his election victory at a Republican Party …

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Franken seen as reluctant 2020 candidate


Rumors have started circling from political associates of Al Franken, hinting at a possible run by the Minnesota senator for the White House in the following elections that will take place in year 2020. But in order to do so, Franken would apparently need to be convinced and reluctant to …

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Watch How President Trump Just Honored Our Troops!


President Trump gave his weekly address to the nation recently, and made sure to give a special shout out to our soldiers. Trump spoke of the great honor he had when he addressed the troops at Fort Myer, as well as speaking to thousands of American veterans at the American …

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BREAKING: Sheriff Joe STRIKES BACK at Traitor John McCain!


Idiot and traitor John McCain came out and attacked President Trump for his pardoning of America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. But as we all know, Sheriff Joe is a fighter, and so he PUNCHED back at the vile, decrepit Senator. Here’s what he said: I’m a little surprised at the Senator. …

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Poll: Should Trump Ban Social Security For Illegal Immigrants?


President Donald Trump announced that ‘the time has come’ for ‘new immigration rules’ and that his administration would be ‘putting in legislation to that effect very shortly’ to change rules on welfare for immigrants. Trump said: “I believe the time has come for new immigration rules which say those seeking …

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Traitor John Mccain FURIOUS Over Arpaio’s Pardon. Look What He Said!


John Mccain, who essentially is against anything President Trump is for, issued a statement after Sheriff Joe Arpaio was officially pardoned. While almost all Republican voters are CHEERING the decision, Mccain is playing the role of bitter Betty once again. From WashingtonExaminer Sen. John McCain criticized President Trump’s pardon of former …

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Stephen King Went WAY Too Far With This Tweet About Trump


  Liberal hero Stephen King may have bitten off more than he can chew with his latest tweet attacking President Donald Trump. “It’s clear at this point that extreme measures are needed to remove Donald Trump from office,” King said. “If this were one of my books he would have …

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WATCH: Trump Made A Move We Haven’t Seen For 8 Years


During his presidency, Barack Obama has never shown respect and affection toward the military. Can you recall on the latte salute, anyone? Well, after eight years of Obama, a new sheriff came in town—Donald J. Trump. And we hope you noticed that he has a different attitude toward the military. …

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